Pet Insurance

Hey everyone, Beep here! Have you ever heard the saying "It’s all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone?" Well, there is more than one truth to that. No pet I know enjoys wearing these silly cones and with that cone usually comes individualized veterinary care from one of my awesome vets! As you all know, veterinary care can be expensive, yet most people don’t plan for it. While I like to think that I am invincible, I can get sick or have an accident just like any of your fur kids. It would be nice if O.H.I.P. or benefits covered fur family too, but they don’t. I know that you always want to do everything you can for your pet, but we understand that everyone has financial limitations.

Pet insurance can help! Pet insurance is an affordable way to ensure that the last thing you worry about when your pet is sick or has an accident is how you are going to pay for treatment. There are also many benefits that come with pet insurance including free access to the Pet Poison Helpline® and PetHelpFone™ (Telehealth for pets). Visit to find out more and to get a free quote!

PS, don’t worry, I am just fine. I was not harmed in the taking of this photo.