Dental Health: Not Just for Humans

Beep here! February is dental month and to celebrate I had my teeth cleaned by my friends Dr. Melillo and RVT Kayla. I didn’t understand why they wouldn’t let me have my breakfast in the morning but I trusted that they know what was best. They told me I had to undergo a general anesthesia which made me a little nervous, but everything went well. They gave me some sedation, I felt a little strange, and then the next thing I knew, I woke up with clean teeth! I can't stop meowing and showing off my pearly whites!

It is important for pets to be under anesthesia during a dentistry, it allows the veterinarian to do a comprehensive oral exam and clean in all those hard to reach places. Dr. Melillo used a special probe that allows her to examine and measure underneath my gum line for any abnormalities. I would never allow her to do that if I was awake! They were able to determine that my teeth were healthy underneath the gum line and all I needed was to have all that nasty tartar removed. RVT Kayla used an ultrasonic scaler to remove the tartar and then did a thorough polishing of my teeth so they are smooth and feel like new! I am so glad that tartar is gone as it contained bacteria that was not good for my heart or kidneys and it was irritating my gums causing gingivitis. They tucked me in with warm oat bags so that I could recover from the anesthesia. I woke up feeling great and asked Maddy for snuggles which she happily obliged.

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