Senior Wellness Months - December 2017 & January 2018

Hi, Beep here! Long time, no blog. I was busy launching my very own Instagram account. Be sure to follow me @beepthecliniccat.

I am here to discuss something very important with you all – Senior Wellness! Dr. Melillo and Dr. Duckworth recently gave me a senior wellness exam. I thought that meant I was The Boss here at Breslau Animal Hospital, but turns out Senior means I’m getting older!

Did you know that after the age of 8 years cats and dogs are entering into their senior years, and my 11 cat years is the equivalent to 60 human years? Looks like next year I’ll be due to retire as 1 year for you two-legged folk is like 4 years for us felines! And don’t get me started on dogs, those guys age even faster!

After my exam, the RVT’s collected some of my blood for a senior wellness profile, I did not like it, but they told me it would help the Veterinarians detect any age-related changes early on to ensure I remain healthy for many years to come (they also gave me lots of treats, so I did not mind having my blood taken after all). I thought this was such a good idea, I decided to have the clinic offer a discount for senior wellness exams so that we can ensure all our furry friends can age just as gracefully as me!

Dr. Maegan explained that animals begin to develop arthritis as they age and need to take daily supplements to keep their joints healthy. Turns out I’ve already been taking a supplement for a few years now. No wonder I’m feeling so great! The RVT’s also give me lots of snuggles, they call these “laser therapy sessions”, I am told this helps reduce inflammation in my joints.

Dr. Duckworth told me that often times cats and dogs need to have their diets changed as they get older to meet their ever-changing needs. Many of the foods we carry at Breslau Animal Hospital are specially formulated to meet the specific needs of all pets. She said there once was a guy named Hippocrates who said “Let food be thy medicine”, he sounds like a smart man as I definitely like my food!

If you have an older pet, call us today to schedule an appointment to take advantage of our Senior Wellness Packages and receive over $100 in savings offered this December and January!