Renovations Come To BAH

It was a typical Wednesday. The sun was shining. Breakfast was the usual. Staff gave me my usual rubs, and dogs and cats came and went. I will admit that over the past few weeks Lauren, Steph and all the rest of the staff had been acting a bit strangely. Items were being moved, shelves emptied, things coming down from upstairs....I didn't know what was happening but humans can be strange at times. As long as I have my basket.....

It was then, that I realized my basket was missing! My medications were being taken from their usual place and put into a bag, and a cat carrier appeared. I didn't really get tipped off that it was for me though until Lauren put me in. The indignity!

In the car, Lauren explained to me what was happening. I was going to another hospital for a week. Kind of like a holiday she told me. She assured me that they would take good care of me, give me my medications, feed me right and love me. I was skeptical but what choice did I have? Then she told me that Breslau Animal Hospital was undergoing "Ren-O-va-shuns". Whatever that was, it sounded big! She told me that everyone at BAH was afraid I might be scared so they were sending me on holiday during the "ren-O-va-shuns". Awwwww. They DO love me :)!

I'm now apparently on holidays. I thought holidays involved sun and sand and a bush of catnip to nibble on. This is a different kind of holiday I'll admit, but the people here are treating me really well and I am getting all kinds of scratches. It isn't home, but if I have to be away from home, this seems a good place to be but it would be nicer with a catnip bush. I hope my family at BAH has cat nip for me when I get home. I'll be looking forward to a good massage too. I do kind of miss them. Darn "ren-o-va-shuns"!

Breslau Animal Hospital is renovating to serve you better. Please bear with us through the mess. It will be beautiful when we are finished!