Aging Felines

Meow! It’s me, your old pal Beep.

Today we need to talk about age. I know, I don’t even want to think about it, but the truth is, I’ve been getting older right before your eyes. You might not think so, but my body is changing in so many ways. Cats go through different stages of life just like people. Apparently, I’m knocking on the door of being a senior! Sheesh!

Did you know that we have different dietary requirements throughout our life? Me either! Since I live with two doctors, I have my health reviewed about every 3 months. So, that got me thinking, what about all you older cats out there who don’t live with doctors? I was just told that senior cats (cats over the age of 10) should be assessed at least every 6 months, because as you know, we are really good at hiding those things that tend to bug us. Achy bones, stiff joints, stinky breath, upset tummies, even a big thyroid gland… those types of things. When they want more information, she will run bloodwork or a urine test and find out even more about my body.

Dr. Duckworth and Dr. Melillo told me that kidney disease and hyperthyroidism are extremely common in older cats and the symptoms are very mild when these conditions begin. However, they are trained to notice even the smallest changes, when no one else might. Veterinarians can actually determine amazing things with a physical exam when I am not complaining. Things like: dehydration, the size of my thyroid, changes to my kidneys, growing lumps and so much more. Dr. Melillo and Dr. Duckworth told me that it is a good thing when we notice these small changes because we can begin by assessing the stage of disease and support or treat according to what is needed. For example, in the case of kidney disease, finding it early is so much better than finding it late. Cats can stay feeling better for a longer period of time because we have ways to slow the condition down. Amazing! I’m so glad I live with two doctors!

Since all you cats out there don’t live with doctors, you should come to Breslau Animal Hospital, I will share mine. They’ll work to keep you healthy and happy in your senior years!